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Our Story

"Laluka," in the Zulu language, encapsulates the aspiration to "grow in wisdom" and expand one's intelligence. It embodies the essence of continuous learning, acquiring knowledge, and evolving and we believe this to be a natural process while being in the middle of nature.

The more you learn about nature, the more you learn about life, and the more you learn to love every second of it.


The Laluka tale begins with a spirited young Simon Eeman, captivated by the allure of adventure and the great outdoors. Leaving behind his homeland of Belgium, he set out to fulfill a lifelong ambition: to become a safari guide.

In his pursuit, Simon found himself in a South African safari guide school, where fate would intervene in a most unexpected and delightful manner. Here, amidst the lessons of the wild, he crossed paths with Giulia, a vivacious soul born in Italy and schooled in the art of tourism. Her journey led her across continents until Africa whispered its irresistible call, beckoning her to stay.

During their shared year of exploration, a pivotal moment emerged as Simon's father, Didier Eeman—a successful banker from Belgium—visited. Africa's magnetic pull worked its magic on Didier, sparking a profound reconsideration of his established career path.

Within the confines of this African odyssey, the Laluka narrative commenced—a story woven with threads of discovery, chance encounters, and the transformative impact of Africa's embrace on their lives.

Welcome to the family

In choosing Laluka for your safari, you select a space inspired by the calming energy of the setting and a family owned and run, standalone operation. 

We love to share this incredibly special place with our guests, and look forward to meeting you!

Giulia, Simon & Didier

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