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Capturing Moments

Photography has always been one of the passion of Simon and Giulia since they arrived in Africa years ago. 

Keen in researching the shot of a lifetime, all pictures at Laluka have been taken by them during the various experiences through the African continent. 

A Photographers Dream

Laluka is the perfect place for beginners and enthusiast photographers allowing everyone to learn basic settings of their cameras and some tricks when it comes to wildlife. 

All our vehicles can be equipped with bean bags and gimbals (metal arms attached to the vehicle to give more stability to the camera). 

We encourage our guests to capture moments during their safari and we try to make those moments alive. 

This is the philosophy behind our Laluka Studio, a beautiful hi-tech onsite facility equipped with a large scale Canon printer, Apples computers with Lightroom capabilities and a board room for photographers to discuss and learn new techniques.


Our Studio

Our photographic studio is the perfect place where to spend time between game drives editing pictures and experimenting new settings. 

For guests who wish to print their pictures, we provide wide-format canvas or high quality photo paper together with packaging into cardboard tubes easy to travel with. 

Additionally, we offer the possiblity to rent a multitude of professional level photographic gear, from bodies to lenses and accessories. 

While our in-house gear is mainly of the Canon brand as we are Canon users, we do have the possibility to arrange a large selection of other equipment and brands. 

Rental of all items is subject to availability, and booking in advance is recommended. 

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