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The Lodge

Surrounded by natural colours, captivating sounds and soothing rhythms of the bush, it awakens a spirit of discovery while restoring the senses.

Picture yourself settling into a beautifully designed suite that feels like a blend of luxury and the raw beauty of the African wilderness. The air carries the scent of the savannah, and each moment is accompanied by the harmonious sounds of the bush - it's a symphony of nature.


The Suites

The suites, each a private oasis, embody an exquisite blend of modern comfort and rustic charm. Picture waking up to the soft rays of the African sun filtering through billowing curtains, painting the room in a warm, golden hue.


As you step onto your private terrace with your private pool, the vast expanse of the savanna unfolds before you, an ever-changing canvas of breathtaking vistas.

Inside, the interiors are a symphony of earthy tones and tasteful decor, carefully curated to reflect the surrounding landscape. Plush furnishings beckon you to unwind, while touches of local artistry and handcrafted details infuse each space with a sense of authenticity and allure.

The en-suite bathrooms are a haven of indulgence, featuring elegant freestanding tubs and rain showers adorned with natural elements. Imagine soaking in a bath scented with African botanicals, the sounds of nature serenading you, creating a sensory experience unlike any other.

The suites aren't just luxurious accommodations; they're an embodiment of romance, inviting you to immerse yourselves in a world where every detail is designed to kindle the flames of passion amidst the wild beauty of Africa.


- Suite size: 110 m2
​- Bed options: double, twin or triple

- Private deck

- Private plunge pool (possibility to have it heated)

- Indoor & outdoor shower

- Bath

- Bar & Coffee station 

- Fan

- Airconditioning / Heating

- Telephone

- Hairdryer 

- Wifi

- In-room safe

- Electricity/power available: 220V


- Photographic Hide overlooking Laluka's waterhole

- Laluka Boutique

- Reading Deck

- Wine Cellar 

- Boma 

- Laluka Spa
​- Open show kitchen

- Photographic Studio

- Swimming Pool

- Board Room

When to travel

Laluka Safari Lodge is open all year round making it ideal for people who want to discover both the summer & winters season.

November to April

* The landscape is lush and green
* The migratory birds are abundant
* Many species will birth their young ones

The weather is warm during the day and cooler in the morning and evening.

Temperatures can reach up to 25 - 30 degrees and some humidity occurs. 

It is considered to be the rainy season with occasional thunderstorms, but we have experienced some earlier rains in September and some later ones in May as well. 

May to October

* The grass is lower and there is less foliage
* Animals concentrate around the remaining sources of water
* Traditionally best time for game viewing

This is the South African winter with mild temperatures during the day, but cold in the morning and evening. 

Temperatures can vary from 24 degrees during the day to 3 degrees at night. 

It is considered to be the dry season and traditionally the best for game viewing.

What to Pack

We recommend packing the following:

* Comfortable cotton clothing in natural colors (green, brown, khakis)
* Warmer clothes for very cold mornings and evenings
* Windbreaker / Fleece jackets for game drives. Waterproof ponchos will be provided in case of rain
* Comfortable walking shoes for bush walks and trails; sandals or similar for around the lodge.
* Swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses & hat
* Camera, binoculars, spare memory cards, and charging equipment. Please note we offer the possibility to rent photographic equipment directly at the lodge. 

The Reserve

Nestled in the heart of South Africa's mesmerizing Waterberg region lies the enchanting Welgevonden Game Reserve. Spanning across 40,000 hectares of unspoiled wilderness, this sanctuary is a haven for romance amidst nature's embrace.

Imagine wandering hand-in-hand through landscapes that seem painted by a master's brush—rolling hills, lush savannahs, and secret valleys bathed in the golden hues of the African sun.


Welgevonden is a sanctuary not just for wildlife, but for love and connection, where every moment feels like a scene from a timeless romance.

Here, the air is filled with whispers of adventure and the thrill of encountering Africa's magnificent creatures—the regal lions, graceful giraffes, and the elusive leopards.


Picture yourself on a private game drive, watching the sunset paint the sky in a palette of fiery colors, creating a canvas of unforgettable moments shared with your beloved.

Welgevonden Game Reserve isn't just a destination; it's a symphony of love, where the harmony of the wilderness and the magic of connection intertwine to create an unforgettable romantic escape.

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