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The Farm

Laluka Farm is a verdant sanctuary nestled amidst the African bush, where sustainability and organic practices intertwine to create a harmonious haven. Spread across hectares of fertile land, this farm embodies a commitment to nurturing the earth while providing a bountiful yield.

What sets Laluka apart is its unwavering dedication to sustainable methods. Here, innovation meets tradition, where ancient agricultural wisdom merges with cutting-edge techniques. The farm employs crop rotation, companion planting, and natural pest control to maintain the health and fertility of the soil, eschewing synthetic chemicals and embracing nature's cycles.

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Organic Farming

Visitors to Laluka Farm witness a symphony of sustainability in action. 

Committed to minimizing their carbon footprint, the farm practices minimal tillage and adopts regenerative agricultural practices. 

The farm-to-table ethos is not just a phrase here; it's a way of life. Laluka supplies local lodges & restaurants with their fresh, seasonal produce, fostering a connection between the land and the community. Their commitment to transparency ensures consumers know the journey their food undertakes, fostering trust and appreciation for sustainable farming practices.

At Laluka Farm, the soil isn't just dirt; it's a living, breathing entity that's nurtured and cared for with reverence. Each plant, each animal, and each sustainable practice intertwines to create a model of farming that sustains both the land and its inhabitants. It's a testament to the belief that by working with nature, we can not only feed ourselves but also ensure a flourishing planet for generations to come.

The pastures are home to a diverse array of livestock that are an integral part of the farm's sustainable ecosystem. Here, animals roam freely, grazing on lush, nutrient-rich grasses. Cattle, sheep, and poultry are raised with utmost care and respect for their well-being.

Moreover, the farm integrates animal waste into compost, closing the loop of sustainability by utilizing their byproducts to enrich the soil and nurture future harvests.

Everything is grown organically using only natural fertilizers and pest control solutions. We mainly grow herbs, vegetables & fruits but we are home to a variety of feathery friends who are free to roam on the farm. 

All food waste is either fed to our pigs or composted for use in the garden. Ashes and animal manure are also added to the compost system. 

Glass bottles are reused to store farm products (pasta sauce, milk) and we don't use any plastic packaging. Instead all our fresh products are packed in paper brown bags and reusable carton boxes. 

Our grey water is dismentled through a French drain system and we have three boreholes that supply us with drinkable water & the water necessary for irrigation of the fields. 


We are home to two different breeds of cows: our herd of 20 Fries - Brahman mix that provides organic milk for our guests & our herd of 30 Brahman pure mix that has been recently added on the land. 


The cows graze freely on the farm. They don't receive any supplement or hormones and their main nutrition is purely farm grass. During winter, they are delighted with some oranges making their milk tasting citrusy! 


Our poultry area is around 1,200 square meters and is home to various species of egg layers Chicken that are providing us with fresh eggs on a daily basis. 

We have also added another section where we keep our meat Chickens. 

Next to their normal feeds, we also reduce our waste by feeding them crops that can no be longer used for consumption or selling purposes making our eggs & meat even more tasty!

Image by Maxime Agnelli

We host about 60 Dorper sheep & around 30 Boer goats.

The goat & sheep are free range and eat what naturally grows on the farm. Thanks to this, they supply us with delicious fresh milk which is used to make our own selection of artisanal cheese.

The future goal is also to be able to have a sustainable production of our own lamb meat. 

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Our pig family is composed by about 50 pigs with various females and their piglets. 

We are reducing our waste by feeding them with most of the food leftovers from Laluka lodge and other lodges in the surrounding area. Additionally, most of crops that can no longer be used are fed to the pigs. 

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As active beekeepers, we are responsible for about 70 hives located in the neighbouring area. 

Homemade organic honey is only one aspect of our bee project as we help the community by removing "unwanted" bees donating them a new home on our land. 

We also support local farmers by offering our help when they need bees for pollination purposes. In this way, we make sure that every pot of honey is unique in taste. 

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We have created our own butchery and kitchen room on the farm where most products are made. 

Most of the cold meat is made from our pigs and we select crops and vegetables that are abundant to make preserves, jam & sauces that we can then sell to our guests. 

The majority of the meat used in our lodge is sourced on the farm, in particular when it comes to lamb, beef & chicken. 

With game meat, we only support local hunting farm that conduct their activity in ethical and sustainable manners and we partnered with a local butchery to assist us with the meat cuts & packaging. 

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